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Chenille needles are large eye needles and are identical to a Tapestry or a Cross Stitch Needle in length and in diameter. However, the Chenille point is sharp, rather than round and blunt and is used in the art of crewel embroidery and ribbon embroidery. Please remember the higher the number the finer the needle.

• Size 13 69mm length x 2.34mm diameter
• Size 14 58mm length x 2.03mm diameter
• Size 16 52.5mm length x 1.63mm diameter
• Size 18 48.5mm length x 1.27mm diameter
• Size 20 44mm length x 1.09mm diameter
• Size 22 40.5mm length x 0.94mm diameter
• Size 24 37mm length x 0.76mm diameter
• Size 26 34mm length x 0.61mm diameter
• Size 28 32.5mm length x 0.53mm diameter

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